Funded by: Staff from Sky in the UK, Mumbai and Bangalore
Cost: £91,000. Opened: 2015

The village of Paravour is populated by low caste people generally known as ‘Dalits’ and their children have never been educated properly. Because of this, very few can get jobs and if they do they are usually used as labourers either on the roads or in local farms. Until the KM Johny Primary School was built here, that is.

A team from Sky, UK and India, fundraised and came to work on site with the local villagers and builders. Here are two films of them working on site, integrating with the children and enjoying the wonderful inauguration ceremony. One kind lady and her husband brought more than 150 pairs of shoes with her which were so gratefully received by the children: Reach for the Stars & Painting Paravour.

The building is now complete and is very impressive indeed.  There are approximately 140 children being educated here. We are currently fundraising for the Second Phase of the project in order to add another floor to the building and accommodate more than 100 new children. Please help if you can.