Funded by: Winchester College
Cost: £60,000. opened 2017

The boys from Winchester College worked very hard to fundraise for this project in Khaltse, Ladakh. Currently the children who attend Lamdon Jamyang must travel great distances to and from remote villages to school each day, either by bus or on foot. One child travels 50km each way by bus! The new accommodation will allow the children to sleep comfortably and safely in a building close to the school. It has built using the Rammed Earth technique used to maximise the benefits of the sun.

Currently there are approximately 150 pupils at the school – the school committee sponsors 20 and a further 30 children are funded by local Ladakhi people. The remaining pupils pay £5 per month for their education (which amounts to a great deal for most families).

Fifty boys from Winchester began work on the project in June 2016. After their visit in August 2017, the project is now complete.