Funded by: Various
Cost: £11,000 each

The Indian Government has decreed that all Primary Schools in India should have an Anganwadi built adjacent to them. Lotus Flower Trust has been asked by the Ladakh Hill Council, which governs Ladakh, to try to raise funds for 30 buildings. Each construction costs £11,000 and the Trust has funded 16 Anganwadis so far (see photographs below). We now need to raise money for a further 14.

The building consists of one large insulated and double-glazed room to be used as a classroom, a kitchen, store room with separate toilet facilities. Strong foundations are needed as the area is one of the most earthquake prone in the world.

The Anganwadis allow the women of the village to go about their work in the knowledge that their little ones will be in safe hands until they return home. At the moment, most women have to resort to carrying their babies on their backs when they work in the fields or leave them at home, unsupervised, behind locked doors. Having this facility close to the Primary School allows the little ones, and their parents, get used to school and go on to receive an education which, for all poor children, is the only way out of poverty.