Paper Production at PAGIR Changes Lives

We are excited to announce that Lotus Flower Trust has just raised enough money for a Skills Centre Workshop at the PAGIR (People’s Action Group for Inclusion and Rights) Centre in Ladakh. The new workshop is needed to accommodate a recycling machine, provided by the Ladakh Hill Council, to be used by the people with special needs who use the Centre. The machine provides purposeful employment to many here who are otherwise ignored in Ladakh and who can now turn rags into paper to sell. The results are amazing. After presenting to a crowd of 200, CEO John Hunt raised more than £14,000 at a live crowdfunding event organised by The Funding Network. Well done John and thank you so much to TFN!


After their visit to PAGIR earlier this year, boys from Winchester College continue to fundraise for a Hostel to enable those with special needs and their families to stay here. Thank you in advance for all your hard work boys! You truly are changing lives.

Thanks also to Tom Bacon from Winchester who is raising funds to pay for containers and a small pick-up truck to allow the Nuns at Basgo to transport much needed water to the Nunnery. This will make a huge difference to the Nuns who currently hire a jeep at great expense to get water. 

Thank you for your continued support. Please Donate at if you can!