Situated on the high Tibetan Plateau, Nyoma is one of about 20 small villages dotted around the Plain. Much of the land is above 4,000 metres. It is one of the coldest places in India with temperatures dropping to minus 30 degrees in the winter. There are no other charities working in this very remote area as it is such a harsh place to live. With a population of around 2,000 people, Nyoma is the largest village in the area. Children’s parents are labourers or semi-nomadic. They breed yaks for their skins, sheep for their wool and goats for Pashmina. 

At a young age the children are educated in their villages and move on to attend Nyoma’s residential schools for their middle and secondary education. The school has asked LFT to provide funds for a multi-purpose Assembly Hall. This facility will be used by the school's 250 boys and girls who attend.