Each day young children help collect stones and rubble with their bare hands, in dangerous conditions and in a sweltering climate of over 40 degrees, to help parents earn a meagre wage in the Khosi River Open Cast Mines of Uttrakhand. This is no life. Without education thousands of children have no chance of escaping the inevitable cycle of poverty and hardship which lies ahead.

Lotus Flower Trust has been asked to raise funds in order to create facilities which will enable these children, from the age of 4 to 14, to receive an education. At a cost of £70,000, we have detailed plans to build 12 Education Centres, as well as organising Counselling Camps to motivate parents to educate all their children, especially girls, to read, write and understand basic daily requirements such as hygiene. Each Centre, to be sited across the 10 miles of mining land, hopes to educate up to 600 children, providing a place to be safe, protected from the sun and receive an education for the first time. Teachers will be sourced, vetted and paid for using the funds raised. The Centres will also facilitate health care for women and children, where currently there is none. After 3 years, it is hoped that the project will be run in partnership with the Uttrakhand Education Department.

Can you contribute towards this project and help these stop the cycle of poverty and aim for something better?