Snake Charmer, Leh, Ladakh


“Surely you know how much I care about education of children in general, and particularly of those who do not have the opportunity to attend school. I admire what the Lotus Flower Foundation does and wish you continued success.”

Representative from Estée Lauder, Sponsor of Nalanda Primary School, Second Phase.

Most people come to Ladakh, look, see and go away. But the Lotus Flower Trust has stayed and works with us. The Trust is a true friend of Ladakh.

Shri Rigzin Spalbar, Chief Executive of the Ladakh Hill Council, Jammu, Kashmir, India

“We have never worked with a UK charity before but we enjoy working with the Lotus Flower Trust because you fund projects directly at grass roots level and don’t give it to either local or national governments.”

Shri Sanat Mehta, Twice Finance Minister of Gujarat.

“We are duty bound to work with you because you do such wonderful work in India.”

Dr Hingorani of Luthra and Luthra, Lawyers, Dehli, who work for Lotus Flower Trust pro bono

“I am too overcome at your generosity towards the Ram Trith Fanya Vidyalaya Girls’ School, Rampur, Dehradun, to say anything for the moment. But I am so grateful.”

Toral Sharan, on hearing of a project donation from TFWA Care

“LFT as a small charity, accomplishes maximum impact with their projects for the betterment of truly deserving communities.”

Individual Sponsor of Lotus Flower Trust

“This kind of human encounter, across country and culture, from which everyone involved gains a new level of mutual understanding and gratitude, is a priceless gift.”

Headmaster of Winchester College, following the boys’ return from working on their funded project with Lotus Flower Trust in India

“Congratulations to you and the team – what a fantastic achievement.  This is going to change the lives of so many children and their families – really a precious gift to be able to provide education to so many.”

Sally Goggin, British Council, Indonesia

“The Lotus Flower Trust an institution one needs to support! As WS Churchill said: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give!”

Gunnar Heinemann, Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG

“Many, many congratulations on reaching the £1 Million milestone. You have done amazingly well – and I know that it is very much thanks to your enthusiasm, dedication, passion and belief.”

Jephcott Charitable Trust