Trustees on a day out with Salt Workers' Children, Gujarat

Our Story

The Vision

The aim of Lotus Flower Trust is simple – to change poor children’s  lives forever. Working in remote and impoverished communities in India, schools are built to educate those who have not previously had such opportunities; homes are built to provide security, safety and warmth and skill centres are constructed – to equip entire communities for the 21st century, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.

The Story So Far

Lotus Flower Trust was formed in December 2008, building upon over 15 years of previous experience of working in the Indian subcontinent. Since its inception, the intervening period has seen a huge impact in impoverished, rural communities throughout India. We have funded 35 major constructions affecting the lives of more than 3,000 children along with new student intakes, teachers, parents and villagers alike. Numerous other potential projects are planned – and, with your help, these can become a reality.

Continued Success

The success achieved thus far is just the beginning of what Lotus Flower Trust has planned. The methodology is more than just an idea, but a proven, realistic model for changing the lives of countless children throughout India. The Board of Trustees of Lotus Flower Trust look forward to an exciting future changing lives in India.

Together we can make a difference, together we can change lives.

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