English Speaking School, Stok, Ladakh

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Anganwadi (Kindergarten), Ladakh

Funded by various Trusts, Schools and Individuals







Ambedkar Ardarsh Junior High School, Berinaag 

Funded by TFWA Care






Bhakshi new building

Ashram Shala Savada Residential School for Bakshi Panch Children, Gujarat

Funded by TFWA Care




New Basgo - Dalai Lama at Basgo LFT July 2014

Basgo Nunnery, Ladakh

Funded by Winchester College, UK






BP 1

Brahmaputra Home for Railway Children, Guwahati, Assam, in partnership with the Society for the Social Transformation and Environmental Protection (sSTEP)  (Phase 1)

Funded by Tax Free World Association, The Evan Cornish Foundation, The MacAndrew Trust, Dorfed Trust, WiTR and many other generous individual sponsors





_PED3824 - small

Domka Gongma Primary and Middle School, Ladakh

Funded by Contributors to the Ladakh Disaster Fund





Himalayan 1

The Himalayan International Primary and Middle School, Missoorie, Uttrakhand

Funded by Winchester College, UK





International School for English Language, Ladakh

International School of English Language, Ladakh

Funded by TFWA Care






Janet Sheed Roberts Residental School & Skills Centre for Children with Special Needs, Uttrakhand

Funded by  Women in Travel Retail (WiTR),  World Duty Free Group and Delhi Duty Free






Kalu Siddi Primary School, Uttrakhand

Funded by Duty Free News International Charity Ball






Kapkote - New

Kapkote Girls’ Home, Uttrakhand

Funded by Mel Morris plus Friends and Business Acquaintances





Latipur Gates

Lalitpur Primary and Middle School, Uttrakhand

Funded by Duty Free News International Charity Ball






Nalanda Primary School, Sabu Ayu, Ladakh

Funded by TFWA Care, Gebr. Heinemann, Hamburg and Estée Lauder Group (Phase 1 & 2)





Okhalkhanda 1

Okhalkanda Girls’ Home, Uttrakhand

Funded by TFWA Care







Paravaour Primary School, Tamil Nadu

Funded by the staff of BSkyB in the UK, Mumbai and Bangalore





Ram Trith 1

Ram Tirth Fanya Vidvalaya Girls’ School, Dehradun

Funded by TFWA Care





Saboo 1

Saboo Ayu Nunnery, Ladakh

Funded by Fulcrum Students from Scotland and East London




Saraswati - kids

Saraswati Shishu Mandir Primary School, Uttrakhand

Funded by Mhairi Rodrigues and Friends






Shivam Sundram Womens and Girls Organisation, Rajasthan

Funded by CBD Charitable Trust





Shushakul - Homepage Pic

Shushakul Boys’ Home, Ladakh

Funded through People Positive, Aviemore, Scotland





Tarsaal - main

Tarsaal Primary School, Uttrakhand

Funded by Winchester College, UK





Tharuk - main

Upper Tharuk Primary School, Ladakh

Funded by Rod Pashley, Family and Friends







Women’s Refuge, Ambedkar Ardarsh, Berinaag, Uttrakhand

Funded by Act Foundation and a Private Sponsor